Ople.AI, the easiest way to accelerate decision making and reduce risk with predictive analytics

Quickly find patterns in your data with machine learning, uncover new insights, and unlock value in your business with the Ople.AI Platform.


Bridge Analytics and Data Science

The Ople.AI Platform enables a new data science practice between traditional business analytics and machine learning by empowering business users with predictive analytics.

Accomplish more in less time

Quickly understand the potential impact of your business data within minutes

Deliver real-time predictions

Build and deploy predictive models at the speed of your business

Democratize AI

Engineered for business users, Ople.AI doesn’t require any technical background

Enrich Business Intelligence by Embedding AI

The Ople.AI Platform offers seamless integration with many business applications like Tableau and Google Sheets, and widgets to further increase your productivity.

What can you do with the Ople.AI Platform?

Watch the short video to learn more about how our platform empowers business users with predictive analytics using AI and Automated Machine Learning. Our platform is simple to use, secure, and provides business impact in real-time.

Ready to see a custom demo with YOUR data?

Who is Ople.AI for?


You know the data and you know the business. With Ople.AI, you can solve the problem and become the hero.

Professional Service

Quickly explore your client’s data and build intelligent insights, and share/present the findings integrated into your software with our widgets or APIs.

Business Leader

Start pursuing opportunities that are considered beyond reach, and deliver AI-driven results.

Data Scientist

The Ople.AI Platform enables you to manage and complete more AI projects in less time, providing more value to the business.

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