Month: November 2018

Ople Unlocks the Black Box of Artificial Intelligence; First to Market with Transparent AI

Widespread adoption of AI is being held back, in regulated and unregulated industries, by a lack of transparency into AI models. Ople’s latest release opens the black box of the artificial intelligence decision-making process, making Ople the first to market with transparent AI. On November 28, 2018, the venture-funded, Silicon Valley company is rolling out a

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Model Explainability in an Unregulated World

In my last blog on the topic of transparent AI, I wrote about the necessity of transparency in heavily regulated industries. This post is about the importance and value that model transparency has in less/unregulated industries. Industries that fit this description include retail, digital advertising, manufacturing to name a few. There are various reasons why

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Should you build or buy AI? – VB Summit 2018 Boardroom Session Summary

Originally published on VentureBeat At VentureBeat’s recent VB Summit event, I headed a session on whether enterprises should build or buy AI. Between comments from the panelists and a group of about 20 business leaders, a good decision tree emerged for how to answer this question. Given how important the question is, I wanted to

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Model Explainability in a Regulated World

Today’s Artificial Intelligence, called “the new electricity”, under-delivers and underwhelms. The commonly acknowledged issues that reverberate are: “Not enough talent,” “Too expensive,” “Too hard,” and “Just not there yet.” Even if an AI company were to solve all of the complexity issues, however, other significant factors still largely deter the benefits of AI. One such major issue is

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Inside Ople – Michael Schock

As a growing company, we are constantly expanding and we would like to introduce Michael Schock, our new Machine Learning Engineer. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I graduated Cal with a major in Physics and started my career as a software engineer. Along the way, I was introduced to machine learning at work

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Plug and Play Fall Summit 2018 Recap

During Plug and Play’s Fall Summit 2018, we showed a preview of our latest release, and it wowed the audience! People lined up after the talk to get a chance to talk to Julian. Take a look at the presentation to see why people were so excited! Over the past few months, we were frequently

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