Month: March 2019

It is always/never the right time.

There will always be reasons for you not to do something big in your life. I was a grad student at Yale at the time and was happily married to my wonderful wife when one day she said, “let’s have a baby.” This was not out of the blue. We had been talking about this

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Artificial Intelligence: Ople’s Pedro Alves on Learning to Learn to Learn, Big Data and Neural Networks

Our founder and CEO, Pedro Alves, had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with The Kamla Show to talk about Ople’s novel approach to Artificial Intelligence. Pedro and Kamla discussed the future of AI, as well as its current state and limitations. Pedro is driven to make AI something that is easy, cheap,

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It’s Friday Again – Are You Looking Forward To Work On Monday?

As I was driving in my car on a Friday morning, I was thinking about the expression, “Thank God it’s Friday.” I kept thinking about that phrase over and over, and it wasn’t resonating with me. The truth is, immediately before I had thought about that expression, what was really going through my head was,

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