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To design a future, driven by your imagination, fueled by AI.

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“How can I become a more effective Data Scientist?”

Ople was founded by Pedro Alves in 2017. After having worked as a data scientist in multiple industries, with companies large and small, Pedro saw the reality of AI: big promises, but rarely big deliveries. He was frustrated because he knew getting an ROAI (Return On AI) was not only possible, but should be the norm; not the exception.  Pedro believed if large numbers of people across entire organizations could do AI, the return on that AI would be not only substantial, but also commonplace. Out of this idea, Ople was born. Ople’s software platform puts the knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading data scientists at the fingertips of analysts and SMEs. With this automated platform, every division within a company can have employees that both understand their business and are AI capable.

Pedro Alves
Founder & CEO

Our Purpose

Ople’s purpose is to help AI deliver on its promises. The promise of being the new electricity. Electricity touches almost every aspect of our lives, including almost every company. For most, electricity is easily accessible, affordable and abundant. Sadly, currently, AI is not any of those three things. By creating a simple automated software that allows non-data scientists to do AI, Ople is making AI easily accessible to all industries and companies that might not have much luck hiring as many data scientists as they desire. Simultaneously, this will drive the cost of an AI investment within an organization significantly lower. Only when the accessibility and affordability of AI are where they need to be, will every department within every company be powered by AI; thus transmuting this rare commodity into abundance. AI that is easy, cheap and ubiquitous will improve every aspect of human life; it will have become electricity, powered by Ople.

Meet Our Team

We have an exceptional team with proven track records in technical and business leadership with world-class data scientists,
recognized experts in deep learning, and a diverse background across startups and household-name companies.


Pedro Alves
Founder & CEO


Mike Azevedo
COO & Head of Sales

Petr Tsatsin


Francois Lopitaux
Chief Product Officer


Pavel Bourdykine
VP of Engineering


Gilberto Titericz
Lead Data Scientist

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas
Head of Revenue Marketing

John Sheaffer

John Sheaffer
Head of Sales Engineering

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