At Ople, we use AI to build AI

At Ople, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be easy, cheap and ubiquitous. Our founder Pedro Alves asked a question, “How can I become a better data scientist?” Quickly realizing that he was learning by observing how algorithms learn from processing different models, Pedro recognized that many data scientists would benefit from AI that mimics this behavior of learning to learn to learn. Hence, Ople was born.

Centrally located in Silicon Valley, we are a diverse team of world-class data scientists, machine learning experts, engineers and market makers. We strive to change data science and revolutionize businesses across industries.

To fulfill our vision,

We are curious individuals who relentlessly challenge ourselves. We are never satisfied. If you are this passionate about advancing the field of data science and enjoy learning, join us!

Current Open Positions:

Machine Learning Engineer

4-6 years of experience in software development

2+ years is in machine learning applications

Sr. Software Engineer

4-6 years of industry experience in software development in backend software development

2+ years of leading a team of engineers

Software Engineer

2+ years of experience in software engineering