Enrich Tableau with Predictive Machine Learning

Better Together

Tableau disrupted the world of business intelligence by bringing a superb visual analytics platform. Now, you can supercharge it with Artificial Intelligence, powered by Ople.

Augment your analytical skills with AI

With the Ople Platform integrated into Tableau, your subject matter expertise will uncover new patterns. Help your business stakeholders understand what you have found and what can be done to make a huge business impact!

Key Competencies

  • Easy to use, no coding required
  • Fully transparent and explainable
  • Fast and accurate AI engine
  • Version control for easy reiteration
Leverage the best technology for your business.
Combine your BI skills with AI to find more comprehensive story from your data and build AI-driven recommendations that you can act on today.

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In this custom demo, you’ll learn how the Ople Platform & Tableau can empower you to discover valuable data insights leveraging Machine Learning.

Key Benefits


Accelerate Decision Making


AI-Driven Descriptive Analysis


Real-time What-if Simulation


Seamless Integration


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