Ople uses AI to build AI that accelerates the data science process. By using AI to build AI, Ople’s platform is advancing at a faster rate than those of competitors, continuously learning from every model built while simultaneously gaining speed and accuracy. Companies using Ople quickly gain competitive advantage by reducing time to results from months to minutes.

With Ople, executives can address more business challenges and get answers sooner. No longer must leadership wait a quarter to find out if the project was a success. Data science teams using Ople quickly succeed or fail fast and iterate. With earlier insights, leadership can more aggressively pursue new opportunities. Ople empowers leaders to turn their organizations into agile, AI-driven enterprises.

Ople automates the model building process and accelerates deployment of production quality AI models. This allows data science teams more accessible, taking on requests for AI projects with minimal investment. By increasing the team’s accessibility, the data science team leader can now take a seat at the table where strategic decisions are made.

However, accelerating and automating the data science process does not mean that the role of a data scientist will be diminished. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Ople frees data scientists to pursue their intuition, working on problem formulation rather than tweaking models. Data scientists who use Ople are quickly elevated to work on strategic business challenges, not plumbing. With Ople in their quivers, data scientists now have the opportunity to become heroes, delivering strategic projects in time to impact the business.

Ople works with both small and big datasets and detects patterns and relationships to more accurately predict outcomes. Available on industry standard AWS infrastructure, Ople is easily integrated into the most complex enterprise software environments.