The easiest predictive analytics to drive business value at the speed of business

With the Ople.AI Platform, you are only a few clicks away from building predictive models to derive optimal business recommendations with reduced risk.

Your AI Insights, accelerated.

Load your data
Ask your business questions
Done, we do
the rest!


Build Predictive Models with the click of a button

The Ople.AI Platform is the easiest platform to perform predictive analytics. Engineered for business users, it speaks your language so you don’t have to learn data science or advanced mathematics.


Make confident decisions

For every model, our platform provides easy-to-understand explanations so you know how and why the predictions are being made. Furthermore, you can run what-if simulations to find the optimal solution to your business case.


Integrate seamlessly with existing systems

You can do everything on the Ople.AI platform, but if you ever need to connect to a different application, we’ve got your back. We offer a quick and easy way to integrate your predictive models to powerful applications like Tableau.

Ople is proud to partner with these great organizations​.

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