Similar to it’s predictive and analytics predecessors, artificial Intelligence platforms are “horizontal” technologies and, by definition, can be applied to any vertical market. Vertical market solutions integrate application logic specific to that market and supplement it with human domain knowledge.

Ople’s artificial intelligence platform accelerates the data science process for use cases in each vertical market. Even more so, Ople incorporates and replicates the behavior and best practices of the world’s top Data Scientists. Thus, the human element has already been assimilated enabling Ople’s predictions for vertical market use cases to continuously gain speed and accuracy with every AI model built.

Use Cases

  • Insurance Claim Prediction

    Optimize capital allocation

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  • Churn Prediction & Prevention

    Pro-actively engage customers

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  • Dynamic Pricing Optimization

    Maximize profit and close rates

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  • Network Throughput Optimization

    Dynamically allocate bandwidth

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  • Market Fit Prediction

    Accelerate product success

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  • Anomaly Detection

    Reduce and prevent fraud

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  • Predictive Analysis

    Forecast resource allocation

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  • Sales Funnel Optimization

    Accelerate deal cycles

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  • User Behavior Prediction & Classification

    Identify and engage leads by

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  • Route Optimization & Delivery Predictions

    Optimize supply chain

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