Accelerate Your Tableau Business Intelligence with Ople.AI

Ople.AI & Tableau are Better Together

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Integrating predictive models from Ople.AI in dynamic Tableau dashboards unlocks the power of data science across the business.

~ Nathan Mannheimer
Senior Product Manager, Advanced Analytics, Tableau


Accelerate decision making

Get your predictions in Tableau within minutes and start making decisions. No need to open other applications or wait for other teams.


AI-driven descriptive analysis

Upgrade your analytical skills with Ople.AI and create more robust dashboards by finding hidden patterns with Artificial Intelligence.


Real-time what-if simulation

Make more confident decisions by examining various scenarios and enrich your analysis by presenting the impact of each input.


Seamless integration

Be in control of your workflow. The Ople.AI Platform connects with Tableau and provides a true end-to-end automation.

Never miss another opportunity!

With the Ople.AI Platform integrated into Tableau, your subject matter expertise will uncover new patterns. Discuss the business impact with the stakeholders and grab that business opportunity!

Expand your Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence, powered by

Easy to use, no coding required

The Ople.AI Platform doesn’t require extensive coding to start using AI. Once integrated into Tableau, you have the full access to our platform to start making predictions and enriched dashboards. Your next business opportunities are just a few clicks away!

Fully transparent and explainable

We understand the importance of transparency in making business decisions. With the Ople.AI Platform, it is easy to understand how predictions are being made and how each variable impacts the outcomes.

Fast and accurate AI engine

Ople.AI moves at the speed of your business. Our proprietary AI learns from every project and constantly improves itself to make the system faster and more accurate. Make a confident decision when it matters with the Ople.AI Platform!

Keep up to date with easy iteration

Control the full predictive analytics with the Ople.AI Platform. Our platform keeps track of how each predictive model is created. When it’s time to update your business intelligence, you know exactly how to do it and quickly update the dashboards.

Start using it for free today!

Empower yourself with predictive analytics and start discovering new insights with Machine Learning in Tableau using the Ople.AI Platform.