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Inside Ople – Tamar Wenocur

AI should be ubiquitous, meaning anyone can use it to their benefit and not be hindered by unnecessary complexity and confusion. Here at Ople, we welcome users of all job types and from any industry to have a convenient and easy-to-use experience. Tamar Wenocur plays a major role in making this happen. Our talented Lead …

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Inside Ople – Henry Lim

As more and more companies turn to AI solutions, the space is becoming increasingly crowded. That’s why a strong marketing team is necessary to educate consumers and showcase what Ople can do for businesses right now. Henry Lim is both Ople’s marketing manager and the go-to source for all questions and concerns. With three masters …

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Ople Attends VB Transform

Ople Attends VB Transform

Over 1,000 people attended the recent VB Transform Conference, which spanned two days in the heart of San Francisco. Executives from Google, Amazon, and Facebook were among those in attendance. With the majority of the guests having ‒ at the least ‒ a base level understanding of AI, I was definitely in the minority as …

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Ople at IRCE @ RetailX

Is Retail Ready for AI? – Lessons from IRCE @ RetailX

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be the biggest buzzword in 2019. Whether it be personalizing product recommendations on your eCommerce site to deliver better customer experience or detecting anomalies on your manufacturing line, AI can and should be used to empower everyone to make better-informed decisions with data. In fact, HBR reports that AI will …

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Nahid Alam and her family

Inside Ople – Nahid Alam

Having already founded a start-up and worked in Venture Capital, Nahid Alam has joined Ople, bringing even more diverse experience to the Ople team. With a strong software and machine learning background, Nahid joined the team as Lead Software Engineer with the primary responsibility of implementing new machine learning algorithms in the Ople platform. Tell …

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Bradley Simmons

Inside Ople – Bradley Simmons

“Extensibility” may be the biggest challenge that Bradley needs to solve at Ople. Ultimately, we want Ople’s AI platform to be accessible to anyone with a specific Data Science challenge. For this, the platform must have flawless extensibility. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Western University. …

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