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Inside Ople – Pavel Bourdykine

At Ople, we want users to experience the benefits of AI and leave the data science specifics to us. Our platform continues to make ubiquitous AI a reality and would not be possible without our world-class team of machine learning experts, data scientists, and engineers. Leading our engineering excellence is Pavel Bourdykine, Ople’s VP of …

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Mike Azevedo

Inside Ople – Mike Azevedo

Ople’s innovative technology, open workplace culture, and exciting future has drawn experienced team members, at the top of their field, from around the world. With over 20,000 applicants to date, Ople continually draws new talent. Mike Azevedo, our Chief Operating Officer, is a Bay Area native, and was drawn to those same qualities at Ople. …

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Inside Ople – Henry Lim

As more and more companies turn to AI solutions, the space is becoming increasingly crowded. That’s why a strong marketing team is necessary to educate consumers and showcase what Ople can do for businesses right now. Henry Lim is both Ople’s marketing manager and the go-to source for all questions and concerns. With three masters …

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Inside Ople – Michael Butler

Ople’s main goal is to ensure that companies invest in and get their return on AI, becoming a more efficient workplace as a result. Known simply as Butler in the office, Michael Butler has worked for big name companies such as Warner Brothers and Hewlett Packard and helps Ople reach businesses across all industries as …

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