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Model Explainability in an Unregulated World

In my last blog on the topic of transparent AI, I wrote about the necessity of transparency in heavily regulated industries. This post is about the importance and value that model transparency has in less/unregulated industries. Industries that fit this description include retail, digital advertising, manufacturing to name a few. There are various reasons why

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Values that make a great team – advice from our CEO Pedro Alves

There are three values that we strongly adhere to at Ople. Communication – We listen and discuss everything. Passion – We seek the right answer and keep learning. Honesty – We speak up and are respectful. Let’s go over each value one by one. Communication Communication is essential not just within teams, also with other

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What does it take to become a data scientist?

“You don’t need a Ph.D. in Machine Learning or Data Science to become a data scientist, but you do need strong math and statistics background to become a good one.”   Petr Tsatsin is our Head of Engineering and has been building the engineering team from the beginning of the company. To support our fast

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