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ROI with AI Across the Entire Enterprise

Ople empowers organizations to transform into an AI-driven enterprise, leveraging Machine Learning models that solve complex business problems and drive real business impact.


Ople helps Manufacturers keep costs low, quality and customer satisfaction high with use cases like optimizing quality, predictive maintenance R&D, demand forecasting supply chain optimization and smart products.



Fighting fraud, money laundering and the stiff competition for customer loyalty garners much attention within the FinTech sector. Companies are using Ople’s AI Platform to streamline the process to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn, while fighting fraud and optimizing credit risk scoring.


Being smart in Energy requires using AI across the entire business. From anomaly detection to predicting consumption to eliminating fraud, Energy companies need AI. By accelerating the use of AI by and throughout the business, Ople is helping Energy companies complete better and keep costs down.



Today’s insurance companies are looking beyond policies, premiums and claims; using AI to improve customer relationships, manage churn, reducing fraud and risk. Ople’s Platform is empowering leading insurance companies to deliver solutions that are changing the industry.


From cars to refrigerators to servers, AI is dramatically changing the IoT landscape. All the data transmitted now can be used to predict a multitude of things from upcoming failures, demands, energy use…virtually anything, transforming how “things” will be used in the future.



The value of AI for Media goes beyond marketing/advertising, personalization of content and improving production. Impacting everything from content creation to the consumer experience. Using Ople you can influence all parts of the media value chain by assisting creators and editors to be more productive and helping customers match their current desires.


With tough competition, tight margins volatile markets, and changing customer behavior, retailers and wholesalers can’t rely on historical data alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need AI-driven insights. Retailers are turning to Ople to give them predictive modeling to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.


AI is transforming Marketing, period. The Ople Platform makes it easy for Marketers to use AI to predict customer behavior and increase sales, optimize ad ROI, and increase customer satisfaction. ROAI (Return on AI) is the new measurement of success with Marketers.

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